Thanksgiving in July


By: Tamara Banks, 2019

It was Thanksgiving in July as more than 800 people received food, haircuts and hair styles, clothing, hygiene essentials, and mobile washing services in the Sonny Lawson Park in Five Points.

Every year community leaders led by ULFC Program Director Jasmine Elizabeth come together to ensure the event is a great success.

The need for essentials in life like food and washing services are needed year round. So, the Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado believes anytime is a good time for Thanksgiving.

The goal is to serve, provide resources, and nurture underserved neighbors and community members who are challenged with chronic homelessness, hunger, and lack access to everyday living essentials. A great meal with people who care is essential to African American culture and that principle is interwoven through this amazing project, sitting down with a complete meal at a table with people from your community who care feeds the souls of all involved.

This year more than 50 volunteers donated their time to put a smile on faces of those who are often ignored and neglected.