Places with Character

Community Partnerships Build Places That Endure

Five Points Development Corporation was founded on the belief that people, place and community matter above all else. Our plans go beyond the blueprints. We imagine more than just a building. And we invest time and resources into the community partnerships to help bring projects to life. This is why we prioritize partners who truly understand the neighborhood and why we team up with local non-profit organizations for professional training to give our neighbors an opportunity to participate in the new economics. Our placemaking will take root and grow because we are part of the community and our mission is to serve.

The Rossonian

One of the most iconic and historical buildings in Denver, The Rossonian Hotel will soon be revitalized in the...

The Hooper

The Hooper is a mixed-use, transit-oriented development located at 26th and Welton. The property is named afte...

Invested in Community

Responsible community placemaking enhances the connection between people in the community and the places they share. Through this lens of stewardship, we intentionally invest in places and partnerships that support community initiatives, hire and train locally, and strengthen the neighborhood as a whole.

Five Points Plaza

As the home of Welton Street CaféHeart and HandSpangalang Brewery, and FLEX Yoga, Five Points Plaza is a retail and commercial property located in the heart of Five Points at 2736 Welton Street in Denver, Colorado. Five Points Plaza is one of the main venues of the iconic Five Points Jazz Festival held annually in May. Five Points Development Corporation is the sole owner of Five Points Plaza.

Bodies By Perseverance

Established in 2004, Bodies by Perseverance is a locally owned and operated gym that has been serving the Five Points community for more than 15 years. Bodies by Perseverance is the is the sole tenant of 2860 Welton Street, a building owned and managed by Five Points Development Corporation.